Founding Principles

How We Do It

triPAQ was founded on and still adheres to
two basic principles:

Everyone that is employed at our company has to be of the belief that they will do their absolute best every minute of every hour of every day. This belief of continual improvement is the ingredient that builds successful people and therefore a successful company.

We will only hire and continue to employ people that have this belief…

Quality Policy

Triple A Containers strives to provide excellent quality products to every customer on time and every time. The production of quality products will be accomplished through Triple A Containers founding principles, code of conduct and commitment to quality management. This commitment will ensure our success and future growth.

Contact us and we will evaluate your complete packaging process to see if we can provide your packaging more cost effectively.

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triPAQ Company Values and Definitions

Company Values

Our desire for Teamwork and Dedication is reflected by a Positive Attitude of Open Communication, Honesty and Respect.

To treat people in a way that demonstrates that you are mindful of their feelings, needs, thoughts and wishes.

Working together cooperatively to set and achieve sustainable goals.

Positive Attitude:
Being of the sincere belief that “We can make it Happen”

Putting in the effort required to “Make it Happen”

To communicate and act openly and truthfully.

Open Communication:
To communicate in a way that embodies respect and honesty without fear of ridicule or reprisal.

Our Servanthood Values

Culture of Servanthood

Our Servanthood Values

  • Being God-based, heart-led, and people motivated
  • Exhibiting value-driven behavior in all interactions
  • Caring for the personal and professional development of all employees
  • Focusing on community needs
  • We Will Serve our Employee by:

Providing an environment that promotes helpful and compassionate employees. Success will be measured equally between attitude and job performance. This is accomplished by equally weighing adherence to the Code of Conduct against job performance when defining success.

We Will Serve our Customers by:
Having purpose-driven employees serve their needs. As a result of our employees, the trust, respect, and loyalty of our customers will be realized.

We Will Serve our Community by:
Being a purpose-driven company that strives to achieve Servant and Value-based leadership. We will make a commitment to our faith, our family, and our community by committing a portion of company resources back to the community to support purposes bigger that our own.

At Triple A Containers, Inc. we stress equally the development of the person and the development of the program. It is our belief that a well developed and cared for person will enable the success of any program, objective, or goal.

All decisions we make in our life are based on our own value system and the degree with which we care for one another. That is why we at Triple A Containers have developed Company Values that guide all of the decisions of the day. We have also instituted a Servanthood program of caring for each other and the community.